About Flotsam & Jetsam

Founded in 2018, our mission is 'to produce great travel bags that make the world a better place'

Flotsam & Jetsam Bags was created out a frustration of traditional weekend travel bags. Overpriced and offering poor functionality, we wanted to create a great travel bag designed and made for people on the move.

When researching materials for the bag we found a number of small suppliers that were making a new type of fabric made from ground-up plastic bottles (called RPET). The material is as strong and durable as traditional bag materials but helps use and re-purpose a material blighting beaches and oceans around the world. 

After a number of samples using RPET had been designed, created and tested on numerous trips around the world, a bag ready for market was developed!

Plastic pollution is a global issue that is only getting worse. The production of bags made from recycled plastic will not solve this problem single-handed, but Flotsam & Jetsam Bags aims to recycle single-use plastics and turn them into products that will last years rather than minutes. It also means we do not use new raw materials in the production of the fabric for our bag.

We also want to give a little back. That is why we are donating 10% of profits from each bag to charities that clean plastic waste off beaches.  

Our vision for the company is to scale up production, helping to use more waste plastic and fund charities to clear the world's beaches and oceans of plastic.

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